Stephanie (Charlie) Farley

Librarian. Learning Technologist. Feminist. Sci-fi geek.

I work at The University of Edinburgh where I:

  • provide support and training in copyright literacy and licensing.
  • promote and educate on the creation and use of Open Educational Resources, and manage the Open.Ed website.
  • created and lead 23 Things for Digital Knowledge as part of my work towards digital literacy.
  • advise on the use of Social Media in Learning and Teaching,
  • run digital and board Game Jam sessions for various groups at the University.
  • am leading on the creation of a Playful Learning & Engagement strategy for the Information Services Group.

My passions are in the uses of technology to enhance open education, access, and information sharing. And I prefer to teach and engage via playful learning.

A self-identified Librarian, I’m currently studying a distance MSc in Information and Library Studies at Aberystwyth University.